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assh manual of hand surgery 9781605472126 medicine - published in conjunction with the american society for surgery of the hand assh the assh manual of hand surgery is a practical comprehensive manual on the diagnosis and management of hand problems each chapter begins with a section on the anatomy of the region in question, amazon com customer reviews assh manual of hand surgery - excellent summary of all necessary info for hand surgeons taking the caq recertifying and for fellows residents interns and med students also excellent pocket summary for er docs paediatric residents and paeds er neurologists hand therapists physiatrists and orthopedic and plastic surgeons, lawnmower safety and injury prevention tips - ignoring lawnmower safety protocols leads to more than 74 000 small children adolescents and adults are injured by rotary hand and riding power mowers mainly due to improper handling, metacarpal shaft fractures american society for surgery - metacarpal fractures overview overview very common fractures typically from direct trauma can be spiral oblique transverse or comminuted, videos handheld intra operative nerve stimulator locator - michael hausman m d checkpoint has become an essential tool for my complex shoulder surgery cases not only to help identify and protect nerves from injury but also to gauge how well they are functioning, edward j armbruster do ma mercer bucks orthopaedics - dr armbruster is an orthopaedic surgeon with advanced specialty training in hand upper extremity and microvascular surgery, advanced clinical reasoning for pediatric upper extremity - the treatment of upper extremity pediatric conditions can be complex and challenging for therapists analyzing these conditions requires a good knowledge of development anatomy and biomechanics to understand the underlying problems, repetitive strain injury rsi diagnosis symptoms and - repetitive strain injury has been around since people first began repeating motions and carrying out manual labor the first description of repetitive strain injury rsi came from an italian, practice board questions certified medical educators - question a patient presents complaining of severe pain and burning in an extremity you note that the extremity is pale and cool to the touch with mottled skin and without a palpable pulse, 25 years after the timeout how should we remember chris - the webber family eventually embraced the gaffe mayce sr got a michigan license plate that read timeout and his son started a charitable organization called the timeout foundation